With more and more countries around the globe having to bring into force all manner of austerity measures in the hope of balancing their books, this is also unfortunately something that many slot players are having to do, and with gambling bankrolls often being the first thing players are forced to reduce the search is on for them to find a cheaper way of playing their favourites casino games, whilst still hoping to cash out a decent amount in winnings.

At the heart of every land based, bricks and mortar casino you are going to find the most conservative of slot player, and it is these players who are looked upon as the bread and butter of these venues, they tend to be regular customers however they will always stick to playing the low stake games with these being the penny slot machines.

In fact in a recent report compiled by the Nevada Gaming Commission is was disclosed that 19.6% of the overall slot income of all venues in Nevada was made via penny slot games which was by far the biggest earner for the land based casinos in terms of coin denomination slots.

With these facts and figures in mind, we decided to take a look at the huge array of penny slot machines which are available to play online at Microgaming powered sites to see which of these slots offered the biggest potential jackpots for low stake players, and which had the best return to player payout percentages.

Playing Penny Slots Online

Taking the time to choose a quality online casino to play penny slots is something all online players should do. Remember all online casinos are not equal and it is fair to say that some are far better than others. For UK players I strongly advise that you play at well known, quality online casinos, such as Virgin Casino and Caesars Casino. For players from other countries then your best option is 7Red Casino.

Penny Slots – Biggest Progressive Jackpot

As most online and land based slot players will know winning a progressive slot jackpot when playing them for low stakes is practically impossible due to the nature of most of these kinds of games which often require a maximum bet spin to be made to activate the progressive jackpot.

However one online slot that boasts not one but four jackpots is the Mega Moolah series of slots from Microgaming, these innovative slots have a special Mega Moolah bonus game which can be triggered completely at random by any player once they have completed their base game spin, a spin the wheel type bonus feature is awarded and the player is then required to spin this wheel to see which of the four jackpots they have won.

As any player at any moment can be awarded this feature this can be an ideal slot to play for low stakes or even as a one penny per spin slot, as the jackpot can be won irrespective of the stake levels you are playing it for, so this is certainly one slot to bear in mind when you next log on to play, especially once you realize that the top progressive jackpot is never lower than $1,000.000!

Penny Slots – Biggest Non-Progressive Jackpots

It is true to say that the odds of actually winning a progressive jackpot are quite high, and as such most savvy slot players tend to stick to playing those games that offer a fairly large base game jackpot when they are playing them for pennies.

It should be pointed out however that even though a slot may be classed as a penny slot when you play these kinds of games on maximum coins you can often be playing them for stakes upwards of 3.00 or 5.00 per spin, so should you be playing them on a limited budget then ensure you do not accidently hit the max bet button when playing.

With video slots in particular which let you to play multiple pay lines and also play more than one coin on each activated payline you should ensure that you lower these pay lines and coins per line to one if you want to play a slot for a penny per spin. Below we have compiled a quick glance guide of the slot games from Microgaming casinos which boast the biggest non-progressive jackpots when you are playing them for just one penny per spin of the reels.

Cashville Slot Game - This is the highest paying one penny slot currently available at Microgaming sites, this may come as a surprise to many of you especially when you may have seen some of their slots boasting of huge mega payouts, however those figures are based on maximum coin spins! The base game jackpot on this slot is 50,000 coins so if you are playing one single pay lines with the coin value set at one penny then you stand to win a jackpot worth 500.00, not bad for a one penny stake is it!

Muchos Grande Slot Game - Coming in a close second on our listing of the best non-progressive jackpot slots is this little beauty, it boasts a Mexican theme and can often be overlooked by players, but with a large 9,000 coin jackpot on offer this will give you the potential to win yourself a not so modest jackpot of 90.00 when playing for a penny per spin.

Curry in a Hurry Slot Game - You have to hand it to Microgaming when they are designing their range of slot machines they certainly come out with some unusual themes, and this penny slot is themed around an Indian restaurant and features a pick the hottest curry type bonus game, and like the slot above it boasts a base game jackpot of 9,000 coins which equates to a potential jackpot of 90.00 when played as a penny slot.

Jelly Fish Jaunt Slot Game - With an underwater theme this slot will have you hunting for hidden treasure or hoping to meet the yellow submarines to be in with a chance of triggering its free spins round, however this one also boasts one of the biggest base game jackpots for all you penny slot players and this one is also 9000 coins which means you could bag yourself a top prize payout of 90.00 for just a penny per spin.

Moonshine Slot Game - This is the final slot to tell you about in our penny slot listing and although this game is a 25 pay line slot machine you can always lower these to just one and play it as a penny slot, and there is a good jackpot on offer should you do just that. Simply spin in, on your one activated payline five of the Granny symbols (you cannot miss her she is sat in a rocking chair with a shotgun!) and you will ten instantly win yourself 80.00 courtesy of its 8000 base game jackpot.

Best Penny Slots

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