As the years tick by bingo slot machines become more and more advanced in terms of themes, playing features and design, however one aspect of these games which has always been present in one degree or another is the wild symbol, and just as the slots have changed so has this once humble little reel symbol.

You will no doubt have come across a wild symbol before, however if you haven’t this is one of those unique symbols which will stand in for the majority of other reel symbols, and as such can help complete winning pay line combinations, however in recent times it has been given additional roles in terms of what it can do, and to give you a better understanding of what these are we have compiled our guide to the different things a wild symbol can do!

Basic Wild Symbol

A wild symbol in its most basic form will help you complete winning combinations on the payline or pay lines of the slot you are playing at, and a standard wild symbol can be found on the older types of 3 reel and video slots.

One example of this basic wild symbol can be found on Microgamings Fairy Ring slot game which one of the latest 3 reelers to be designed by them, the Fairy symbol can and does appear on any reel position and when it does it will stand in for any other reel symbol. It also doubles up as the jackpot symbol so by getting three of them on any of this slots three pay lines will result in you winning one of three different jackpots depending which payline they drop in on.

Another example of a basic wild symbol in action is on the Oriental Fortune slot this is one of the older video slots found in the Microgaming downloadable suite of games and the Geisha Girl symbol can and does stand in for any other reel symbol.

The Wild Multiplier Symbol

You tend to find wild multiplier symbols on the classic 3 reel slots which boast just one payline and these symbols can also be found on some of the more basic video slot games. Whilst this symbol will stand in for most other reel symbols it also has a special multiplier attached to it which can boost the value of any win it helps to complete.

One excellent example of this type of wild multiplier symbol in action is on the Couch Potato slot game from Microgaming, when you get this slots wild symbol (which is the Television symbol) helping to complete a winning payline combination then the value of that win is multiplied by 5 times its normal value, however should you get two of them in a winning payline combination then that win is multiplied by 25 times its normal value!

Main Character Wild Symbol

Some slot games have what are known as character or main symbols, these are the higher paying reel symbols and usually have more in common with the theme of that slot that other symbols, and a main character wild symbol will only stand in for these major symbols.

One example of this can be found on the Big Break slot machine, this has an Ape type theme and the Big Break wild symbol only stands in for the Gorilla, Lemur, Macaque, Orangutan, Gibbon symbols.

However some slots such as the Cashville slot have a wild symbol which only stands in for the lower valued reel symbols, in this example the wild symbol on this slot only stands in for the Money related symbols and not the character symbols!

Bonus Game Exclusive Wild Symbol

Some slots will have an additional wild symbol that only become such during the slot machines bonus feature round, take the Avalon slot, the Avalon symbol itself is the base game wild symbol, however once you trigger the free spins round the Treasure Chest symbol also becomes a wild symbol for the duration of this feature round.

The Floating Wild Symbol

A floating wild symbol can be found on both the Jonny Specter slot and also the brand new Great Griffin slot game, these are wild symbols that float around the screen in one way or another and will make whatever reel position they finally come to land on wild and therefore hopefully help you complete additional winning payline combinations.

The Stacked Wild Symbol

You will see stacked wild symbols appearing more and more on newer slot game releases, on certain parts of the slot games reel layouts are a set of wild symbols on top of each other, and should the reel stop in the correct position then these stacked wilds can and do cover every single spot on any reel position.

Players tend to like these stacked wilds as they can produce some very large payouts indeed should they get them on several reels all in the same spin, take the CashaPillar slot game for example, this 100 payline slot features these stacked wilds and should players get a screen full of them then the potential jackpot when played on maximum coins is a massive 2 million coins, or 6 million coins should this event happen during the free spins round!

The Expanding Wild Symbol

Some slots also boast what is known as an expanding wild symbol, the logic behind these reel symbols is that when you get a wild symbol appearing on any reel position it will magically expand both in an upwards and downwards direction and will result in that particular reel becoming completely wild.

A good example of this wild symbol can be found on the Hitman slot game, these expanding wild symbols only appear on reels two, three and four, and should all three spin in at the same time them some very large winning payouts are possible, especially when they appear during the free spins game.

The Trailing Wild Symbol

The best way to describe a Trailing Wild symbol is to imagine a shooting star in the nights sky, these leave a trail behind them and this is what one of these wild symbols do, and as such when one spins in on any reel it can and does leave a trail of additional wild symbols on the reel positions therefore helping turn non wild symbols into wild symbols, a good example of this can be found on the Untamed Bengal Tiger slot where these Trailing Wilds appear during the free spin bonus game.

The Brilliant Wild Symbol

The very latest wild symbol to be seen on slot games is the Brilliant wild symbol, such as on the new Untamed Giant Panda slot, this symbol comes to live during the bonus game and when it appears on any reel position during the free spins game it will lock into position for the remaining free spins.

Casino Game Gamble Features

It can often be a hard task in itself trying to spin in a winning combination on the slot reels or getting dealt a winning hand when you are playing video poker, however should you manage to do just that then many games of this nature will often offer you a gamble feature, whereby you can risk all or part of that win by taking part in an additional side game.

Depending on which type of game you are playing there are several different ways in which this gamble feature round will play out, and to give you a deeper insight into the many different types on offer we have listed the most common, and not so common ones below, so if you are indeed offered a gamble feature on your next session you will at least know what it entails!

New Gamble Feature “Your Gamble”

Recently Microgaming who supply all manner of games to a large number of online casinos have designed a brand new gamble feature which has made its debut on their Untamed series of slots which currently include the Untamed Bengal Tiger slot and the Untamed Giant Panda slot.

The name of this new gamble feature is Your Gamble and as the name suggests it allows you to tailor make the potential payout odds to those preferable to yourself, and this has certainly caused a stir in slot playing circles! So if you are seeking something slightly unique then allow us to explain how this gamble game works.

Once you have spun in a winning combination the slot will display an illuminated Gamble button, and by clicking it a new screen will be presented to you, here you cannot help but miss a large globe like object on the screen along with an arrow sitting in the middle of it, this is the basis for the gamble game, what will happen is that once you have selected a few parameters this arrow will spin and and you are hoping the arrow once it has stopped spinning, will land in your win segment which is the green area and not the lose segment which is the red part .

OK, let us now take a look at the gamble parameters, to the left of the globe you will find your current win amount, this is what you have available to gamble, underneath this is a Bank button, you should press this if you prefer not to gamble the full amount and by pressing it half of the currently available gamble amount is instantly credited back to your credit meter on the base game.

Now in the centre of the screen underneath the globe is a Plus and a Minus button, should you press the former you will see that the globe has a larger red segment appearing and a smaller green segment, by pressing the minus button the opposite will happen.

By clicking the Plus button you are increasing the payout odds for the arrow to stop in the green segment by virtue of the potential area it has to land in becoming smaller, and by pressing the Minus button the payout odds decrease due to the green area (your winning segment) available for the arrow to land in becoming bigger.

Once you are happy with the odds on offer then all you need to do is to set the arrow in motion by giving the Spin button a click, should the arrow then spin and stop in a green segment then you have won and your new balance will be displayed and you can go on to further gamble this or part gamble it by clicking the Bank button, you are free to collect your winnings at any time by clicking on the Collect button.

Should the arrow land in a red segment then you have lost and you will be returned back to the base game screen. You can carry on gambling until such a time as you lose a gamble, or when you reach the slot machines preset gamble limit.

Video Poker Gamble Feature

Many video poker games which can be found in both the download and flash version of Microgaming software powered casinos also offer a gamble feature and this is offered once you have a winning hand dealt on the base game.

Simply click on the Double button and a new screen will appear, on this screen you will see one face up playing card and four face down, you are tasked with trying to pick one of the face down cards that is higher in value than the face up card.

If you guess correctly your win is doubled, guess incorrectly and you lose, if you pick a card and it is the same value as the face up card then this hand is a tie and you can then opt to have another try via a new set of cards or collect. You can keep on doubling up until you reach the double up limit as set by the casino.

Standard Slot Game Gamble Feature

A large amount of Microgaming video slot machines will offer you the gamble feature when you have spun in a winning combination, just one standard gamble game is available however there are two different types of ways to gamble.

The first is to decide whether the card which is about to be drawn from the deck will be a red one or a black one, guess correctly and you will double the value of the amount of money you wagered, guess incorrectly and you will lose the gamble.

You may also be offered a chance to quadruple the value of any winning spin, and this is done by selecting what suit you think the next card which is about to be drawn out of the deck will be, obviously there are four different possibilities these being the different suits (Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamonds) so you have a one in four chance of guessing correctly and quadrupling your wagered amount.

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