Bingo Addiction Claims Another Victim


A lot of people experience financial difficulties in January and the costs of a happy festive period can often cause people to have a very dull month. This is fair enough and it is all part of the cycle of life but for some people, financial problems are a lot bigger than having a slow month at the start of the year. The rising debt crisis is becoming bigger and bigger which can put many people into a terrible position with regards to money. All of this means that people take more desperate steps to get out but quite often; these steps only lead to more trouble.

Bingo is fun most of the time

A lot of people will have the idea of winning money to get themselves out of trouble. Whether it is plying the National Lottery, betting on sporting events or placing money on bingo cards, there is hope that a big win can come out of the blur and take all your troubles away. This can happen from time and time and many people have been saved by good fortune. However, just as many if not more people have also found that their problems escalate due to spending money they didn’t have on their addiction and finding that they didn’t win any prizes. Of course, some people can become addicted to bingo or sports betting for other reasons, such as turning to it for support during a difficult time in their life.

Bad news for bingo player

This is the scenario that has to Lucienne Mainley being jailed for 16 months after stealing from her employers to find her online bingo addiction. At the time, Lucienne Mainley was going through a collapse in her marriage after her husband cheated on her with one of their friends and like many people, found solace online. Sadly, when other people are able to turn off their computer at the end of the night, Lucienne kept playing, getting deeper into debt and having an ever growing need to play bingo games. This led to her stealing over £76,000 from APD Ltd, an electrical control panels manufacturer which employed her as an accounts administrator. In the end, Mainey admitted five counts of fraud by false representation and a total of 25 cases were taken into consideration.

A sentence of 16 months was passed onto Ms Mainley with the judger hoping that her sentence would serve as a warning to others not to be drawn into this sort of situation.


Bingo Addiction Claims Another Victim  


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