Get Yourself To The Weekend With Vernon’s Bingo


With this week being a short week I can only imagine that you have yet to start your weekend planning, this could be a big mistake. You don’t want to leave this until last minute because I can 100% guarantee that you will regret it, especially with the sort of weekend line up that online bingo websites such as Vernon’s Bingo have in store for you.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Already thinking about the weekend? I love your thinking, amazingly enough, we are already half way through the week, aren’t we doing good? I mean fair enough there was no work this Monday but let’s not discredit ourselves.

So this weekend is a normal weekend, sadly no long weekend however, we do still get to have fun! So make sure you are prepared and ready to make this one a good one because I guarantee this weekend will fly by with it being just a normal one!

A good way to kick off your weekend is with Vernon’s Bingo! But why Vernon’s Bingo? Well this Friday they are hosting a promotion that can give you the opportunity to win a massive £25,000 in cash! Is that not a good way to start off your weekend?

Simply head on over to the Deal or No Deal 90 Room between 4pm and midnight this coming Friday (21st) and you can get involved! With tickets costing as little as 15p and single prizes being worth up to £330, this is just not a promotion you want to miss out on! Try your luck and see if you can beat the banker.



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