Lotto Results – It’s A Triple Rollover!


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Last night’s UK’s lotto draw produced no jackpot winner so for the 7th time in the UK’s Lotto history, we have a triple rollover. The Lotto’s rules state that the jackpot must be won this coming Wednesday, so if there is not a lucky player who manages to match all six numbers then the jackpot rolls down to the next level, which means those who match 5 numbers and the bonus ball will share the jackpot.

Less than 6 months ago, back in November 2010, was the last triple rollover. Nobody manages to match all 6 numbers so the £17 million jackpot was split between 4 lucky lotto players who managed to match 5 numbers plus the bonus ball. Each of the 4 winners received over £4 million pounds.

Last Night’s Lotto Results

Last night’s Lotto numbers were 04, 13, 23, 29,41, 43 and 49 with a jackpot surpassing £13 million pounds on offer. Ten lucky Lotto players did manage to match  5 numbers and the bonus ball and were rewarded for their efforts with a payout of £159,340 each. 612 players matched 5 numbers from the 6 drawn with the 5 number prize paying out £1,627, whilst the prize for matching 4 numbers was £64 and was won by 33,820 players. 639,106 players matched 3 numbers for the set £10 prize.

Lotto Triple Rollover

With a projected £17 million jackpot prize on offer for Wednesday’s draw the UK is set to go Lotto crazy in the next few days. Past Lotto triple rollovers have really caught the imagination of the UK public creating a great surge in Lotto ticket sales. Players are advised not to leave the purchase of their tickets until the last minute to beat the rush.



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