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Bingo Wonga Bingo News aims to provide you with bingo news from around the world. We are dedicated to become a great resource for independent live and online bingo news.

Our Editorial Team

Julie Barlow – Editor

Julie  is our general editor responsible for all in-house content plus the monitoring of incoming  press releases. Julie  has over 4 years experience in the online news world, especially in online gaming, having been responsible for literally writing thousands of gaming articles over the last few years. Every team needs a good leader who is able to get the very best from all member of the team. We are simply delighted to have the services of Julie who manages to keep Bingo Wonga news section running like clockwork, day in day out.

Zoe Pearson – Assistant Editor

Zoe joined Bingo Wonga just over a year ago with after completing a journalism degree with honors. Zoe is the young whippersnapper of our team full of enthusiasm and highly motivated and is a great addition to our team. Zoe is responsible for the collation of articles from our team of writers plus also aiding in news research and editing. She also has a passion for football and is a die hard rams fan plus of course she is a regular at UK bingo halls.

Reno Charlton – Daily Writer

Reno is a published author and freelance writer from the West Midlands, UK. She has been passionate about writing since her early twenties and has been freelancing since her late twenties, having earned her professional qualifications from the Institute of Copywriting. Reno has created copy in a wide variety of genres ranging from travel and entertainment to finance and current affairs. Whilst her books are aimed towards a younger age range, her web based writing is geared towards a much wider audience.

Andrew Reilly - Daily Writer

Some people develop a love of bingo as they grow up; some have a fondness of bingo thrust upon them at an early age. Andrew can point back to his childhood when his gran, after a successful night at the bingo, would lovingly hand over a Star Wars figure to him the following day. This created a false impression that the local bingo hall was a magical place where people played for Star Wars toys and that took some getting over when he realised that was not the case. Fortunately he has near enough gotten over that disappointment and is now comfortable with the inner workings of a bingo hall. This has allowed him to utilise his 6 years’ experience of freelance writing on topics as varied as music, sport, consumer issues and online trading to write about the latest bingo gossip, news and views. It is also fair to say that he is still on the lookout for a bingo site that deals solely with characters from 70s and 80s sci-fi smash hit movies but until then, he is content to bring bingo stories to the masses.

Linda Green – Daily Writer

Linda is from the Welsh Valleys but now has settled in Kenya. As Linda says “I have traveled extensively to several long haul  destinations but on reaching Kenya, it felt like  ‘home’ so after some considerations, I made it just that”.  She now lives right on the beach at the edge of the Indian Ocean. Linda has been writing for just over 3 years having had many articles published plus has high hopes that her book  about life in the Welsh Valleys will be published in the very near future. Linda has already proved to be a great addition to our team of writers.


Our Translators

We plan over the coming months to translate our main content in to several different languages so that bingo players all around the world can enjoy our news, reviews and games. We already have Spanish, Danish and Swedish sections and plan to be adding German and Dutch sections within the next few weeks.

Rebekka K– Danish Translator

I’m in my early twenties and live in Denmark, but have traveled extensively,
especially to English-speaking countries such as Ireland, Australia and the
US. I consider English my “second mother tongue” and read, write and speak as much in English as I do in Danish. Communication, especially online communication, is my passion. I started freelance translating about half a year ago, and have found it a perfect way to combine my love for Danish, English and communication.

Maria J– Spanish Translator

Maria has been always fascinated by words, phrases and sentences. She studied Spanish Grammar and Literature at Universities in Latin America, Europe and North America. Currently she works as a freelance dedicated to write articles in Spanish and to translate from English into Spanish. María has worked enthusiastically in the translation of this project.


Digital Imaging

From July 2011 all out images are purchased and licensed from 123rf.com. For full details of the license details for the images we use please refer to the 123RF license agreement statement.

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