Latest Health Lottery Results for 22/10/2014


  • 11
  • 21
  • 22
  • 38
  • 49
  • B02

Draw dateWinning numbersBonus Ball
October 2014 
Wed 22 Oct11-21-22-38-49
Sat 18 Oct4-13-16-32-50
Wed 15 Oct11-32-35-41-50
Sat 11 Oct6-17-31-45-47
Wed 08 Oct5-20-34-44-46
Sat 04 Oct33-38-39-49-50
Wed 01 Oct3-8-12-42-50
September 2014 
Sat 27 Sep13-27-30-40-43
Wed 24 Sep5-14-25-34-45
Sat 20 Sep3-7-26-28-41

The Health Lottery

The Health Lottery is a brand new lotto game created to raise funds for one single cause, which is of course health. For each Health Lottery ticket sold, at a cost of £1, 20p is guaranteed to go to support health related causes. The good cause fund actually goes to the People’s Health Trust, also known as the PHT. The PHT is a renowned independent charity which works extremely closely with local communities throughout the UK. The PHT have specified that their main aim is support health related causes, throughout the UK, to make a difference in the long term for UK local communities.

Health Lottery – How To Play

The Health Lottery is extremely easy to play and in effect plays in a similar manner to UK lotto games such as the National Lottery and Euromillions. Players simply pick 5 difference numbers (1 to 50), then check their tickets each Saturday night when the draw is made.

Health Lottery Prizes

Unlike other Lotto games, the Health Lottery has fixed prices depending on how many numbers you may be lucky enough to match. The pay outs are as below:

Match 2 Numbers & The Bonus Ball – You Win £10
Match 3 Numbers – You Win £20
Match 3 Numbers & The Bonus Ball – You Win £50
Match 4 Numbers – You Win £250
Match 4 Numbers & The Bonus Ball – You Win £10,000
Match 5 Numbers – You Win £100,000

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