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The Thunderball Game Play slip contains a grand total of five boards within it and there is a total of ten boxes (two boxes per board).Although there are ten boxes in total, this is simply five pairs of two boxes which are the same across the boards and so the first box, which is labelled “SELECT FIVE” contains 1-39 from which the player will choose their intended digits.

The remaining box which is labelled “SELECT ONE” is the box that features the Thunderball digits 1-14, and so as the label will indicate, the player will need to choose only a single digit.

Please note that if you are uncertain as to what numbers you wish to choose and therefore would like the choice to be randomized then this is easily achieved by means of ticking the “Lucky Dip” box which is contained within the boards. Alternatively, the player can have the numbers randomized by asking the retailer from whom they purchased the play slips, to give them a Lucky Dip.

If you decide that you would like to make use of another Thunderball selection then you will need to choose another board, although it is essential that each additional board you choose will cost an additional £1. If you find that you have made an error then the best way to remedy this is to ensure that you mark the handily placed “void” box and then use another board.

If you take a look at your Thunderball Play Slip you will notice that there is a section of it which is labelled “No. of WEEKS” and this will allow you make use of the same sequence of numbers for a maximum period of two months. The deadline for this will start ticking on the next draw. Please note that if you decide to play numbers in advance you will be required to pay in advance as well. There are no extra fees/penalties charged for players who decide to make use of the “playing in advance” feature.

DrawDateBall 1Ball 2Ball 3Ball 4Ball 5ThunderballBall SetMachineDrawNumber
29-Aug-2014233124361914T4EXCALIBUR 21638
27-Aug-201479635268T8EXCALIBUR 51637
23-Aug-2014243911283014T1EXCALIBUR 51636
22-Aug-20141514103378T2EXCALIBUR 51635
20-Aug-2014322019241712T1EXCALIBUR 51634
16-Aug-20143343723324T5EXCALIBUR 51633
15-Aug-20142815810395T7EXCALIBUR 11632
13-Aug-201416175233511T6EXCALIBUR 51631
09-Aug-20142641433157T8EXCALIBUR 21630
08-Aug-2014318368396T5EXCALIBUR 51629
06-Aug-20146122543514T8EXCALIBUR 21628
02-Aug-20141132522012T7EXCALIBUR 51627
01-Aug-20148927224T6EXCALIBUR 51626
30-Jul-20142017137184T5EXCALIBUR 51625
26-Jul-201418112112334T5EXCALIBUR 51624
25-Jul-20142327397113T7EXCALIBUR 21623
23-Jul-2014139255614T6EXCALIBUR 21622
19-Jul-2014512329272T7EXCALIBUR 21621
18-Jul-2014622271284T8EXCALIBUR 51620
16-Jul-201425391830294T6EXCALIBUR 51619
12-Jul-20143122346257T5EXCALIBUR 21618
11-Jul-201414173611299T8EXCALIBUR 51617
09-Jul-20142561510211T7EXCALIBUR 21616
05-Jul-20145221124198T6EXCALIBUR 51615
04-Jul-20146839323512T3EXCALIBUR 21614
02-Jul-2014281753213T2EXCALIBUR 51613
28-Jun-201418336362314T1EXCALIBUR 21612
27-Jun-2014916211913T4EXCALIBUR 51611
25-Jun-201424251014311T3EXCALIBUR 21610
21-Jun-20141925292793T1EXCALIBUR 51609
20-Jun-201435342615106T2EXCALIBUR 21608
18-Jun-201441334302614T4EXCALIBUR 51607
14-Jun-20141716338329T1EXCALIBUR 51606
13-Jun-20141011630172T3EXCALIBUR 51605
11-Jun-201430392017111T2EXCALIBUR 51604
07-Jun-201411353423713T3EXCALIBUR 51603
06-Jun-201418123133414T4EXCALIBUR 21602
04-Jun-2014253635341714T1EXCALIBUR 21601
31-May-2014343127192813T4EXCALIBUR 21600
30-May-20143121141610T3EXCALIBUR 51599
28-May-20143322181152T2EXCALIBUR 21598
24-May-20141321261011T4EXCALIBUR 21597
23-May-2014132833243T1EXCALIBUR 21596
21-May-201433153133414T4EXCALIBUR 21595
17-May-2014161125313512T2EXCALIBUR 51594
16-May-20141433637110T1EXCALIBUR 51593
14-May-20149131841110T3EXCALIBUR 21592
10-May-201410303136312T2EXCALIBUR 51591
09-May-201420192322313T3EXCALIBUR 21590
07-May-20141038331885T1EXCALIBUR 51589
03-May-20142032233189T2EXCALIBUR 51588
02-May-2014733131056T2EXCALIBUR 21587
30-Apr-201417726162312T2EXCALIBUR 21586
26-Apr-201427131126165T4EXCALIBUR 51585
25-Apr-2014363727123512T3EXCALIBUR 21584
23-Apr-201451415212412T4EXCALIBUR 51583
19-Apr-201438724916T1EXCALIBUR 51582
18-Apr-2014312135301412T3EXCALIBUR 51581
16-Apr-20142571916272T4EXCALIBUR 21580
12-Apr-20149141219133T2EXCALIBUR 51579
11-Apr-20142138614379T1EXCALIBUR 51578
09-Apr-2014267281310T4EXCALIBUR 51577
05-Apr-201430363992811T3EXCALIBUR 21576
04-Apr-201423734203910T1EXCALIBUR 51575
02-Apr-201430182129114T8EXCALIBUR 21574
29-Mar-201422131653111T8EXCALIBUR 21573
28-Mar-201448177387T5EXCALIBUR 51572
26-Mar-201423212625188T6EXCALIBUR 51571
22-Mar-201418121291914T7EXCALIBUR 51570
21-Mar-201418271723115T5EXCALIBUR 51569
19-Mar-2014312720288T6EXCALIBUR 21568
15-Mar-2014311433222912T7EXCALIBUR 51567
14-Mar-2014793128137T8EXCALIBUR 21566
12-Mar-201415362552612T6EXCALIBUR 51565
08-Mar-2014322917201212T7EXCALIBUR 51564
07-Mar-20142433712305T8EXCALIBUR 51563
05-Mar-2014173522141912T5EXCALIBUR 21562

How To Check Your Thunderball Ticket

As soon as you hand over your money for the play slip, the retailer will then submit the numbers you have chosen into the terminal and then from there, print off a hard copy of the ticket in question. Please ensure that you verify that the numbers that are included on your ticket are indeed the numbers you chose. In addition, take the time to check that the serial number on the ticket is plainly visible and that the void box included on it has not been ticked.
If satisfied that the ticket passes the inherent quality check, the next step is to then write both your name and your address on the back of the ticket. Whatever you do, don’t lose the ticket because if you do, you will have no means of actually claiming your prize money! The reason for this is that the organisers of the Thunderball game rely upon the ticket as the proof that you are genuinely entitled to the prize money.

How To Win At Thunderball

One of the most exciting things about the THUNDERBALL DRAW is that the player will only require a single digit in order to win a prize although it is worth noting that the more numbers the player matches, the bigger the value of the prize that they win.

Winning Numbers

• Match 5 numbers and the THUNDERBALL £500,000
• Match 5 Numbers £5,000
• Match 4 numbers and the THUNDERBALL £250
• Match 4 numbers £100
• Match 3 numbers and the THUNDERBALL £20
• Match 3 numbers £10
• Match 2 numbers and the THUNDERBALL £10
• Match 1 numbers and the THUNDERBALL £5
• Match the THUNDERBALL £3

Claiming Your Thunderball Winnings

Players who have prize winnings up to the value of £75 will be able to claim such prizes from the National Lottery On-Line retailer. The process that is involved with the collection/redemption process is very straightforward indeed as the player will simply present the winning ticket to the retailer who will then verify it against the numbers specified. Once this has been confirmed, the terminal will print off a validation ticket which will specify the actual value of your prize.

This is not a mere formality, it is intended to ensure that the figure is correct i.e. that the player will receive the money that they are actually entitled to. It is worth noting that there are differences in the maximum amount of money that can be paid by retailers. Some are able to only pay a maximum of £200, whereas others have the power to grant £500. On the other hand, National Lottery Post Offices will pay out prizes of up to £10,000, although if the value of the prize on offer should exceed £500 then the payment will be awarded by means of cheque.

If you are fortunate enough to have won anything over the value of £10,000 then congratulations! The rules for the redemption prize are a little different here, for players in this fortunate position will need to make the collection in person, National Lottery Regional Centre. In the interests of safety, the prize money that is due to the collected will be dispersed only in cheque form.

If the value of your prize is over £500 then you will need to ensure that you fill out a Prize Claim Form which can be collected from any of the licensed National Lottery retailers, or by means of phoning the National Lottery line directly and providing proof of your identity. Please note that additional checks maybe required to verify your identity at the discretion of the retailers.

Another restriction to be aware of is that there is a deadline of 180 days from the date of the winning draw within which the prize MUST be collected otherwise the winner will forfeit the prize in its entirety. It is possible to claim winnings up to the value of £10,000 by means of post but to be honest, this is a fairly risky approach and loss of the winnings in the post will not result in legal liability on the part of the National Lottery co-ordinators.

Thunderball Changes

Further amendments were made to the world of Thunderball last year, on May 9th. Specifically, the value of the jackpot was doubled, but the odds of actually winning the jackpot were reduced by more than 50%.

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