Monopoly Scratchcard for 06/03/2011

monopoly 2011 scratchcardScratchcard Name: Monopoly 2011

ID Number: Game 0497

Price: £1 per Ticket

Win Odds: 1 in 4.90

Tickets in play: 50,299,360

No of games: 3

National Lottery Monopoly 2011 Scratch Card

Providing the player with the opportunity to win up to a maximum of fifteen distinct times with a single ticket, and heavily inspired by the cult classic board game, Monopoly, the Monopoly 2011 scratch card is a very popular choice of scratch card indeed.

In Game 1 of the Monopoly 2011 scratch card, the player will be presented with a group of ten rows within which will be a variety of different play symbols. In order to win a prize in this game, the player must have a line of equal symbols in a single row. It is worth noting that some rows contain only two play symbols, others three, and others four.

Please be advised that the player must have a row of equal play symbols on the same line. In other words, it is not permissible for the player to take icons from one row and then apply/use them in conjunction with another row in the grid. The value of the prize that the players can legitimately earn by virtue of them being fortunate enough to have a row which has a sequence of matching symbols will be specified in the prize column. Only the prize specified for each row will be paid out if that row happens to be the winning row.

Therefore, say the player has a winning row, row 5. Within row 5, the value of the prize is designated as being £10,000, whilst row 4 is valued at £100,000. The value of the prize that the player is eligible for stands at £10,000.

In Game 2, the player is again presented with a grid, although it is significantly smaller than the grid contained in Game 1. Here, the player will be greeted with four rows of two dice play symbols with each row (or roll to use the term used in the game). Just like with Game 1, the player will be required to have equal values, i.e. the dice play symbols show the same number in a given roll.

The final game contained within the Monopoly 2011 is the bonus round. Here, the player will be presented with a random number contained underneath the latex coating and if the number under the coating is equal to 50 then they will win a prize which is set at £50.

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