National Lottery Triple Cash Scratch Card for 18/03/2011

Scratch card Name: Triple Cash

ID Number: Game 0486

Price: £1 per Ticket

Win Odds: 1 in 4.90

Tickets in play: 21,715,200

No of games: 1

National Lottery Triple Cash Scratch Card


The Triple Cash scratch card the player will be presented with a grid of nine numbers which are displayed and structured within the confines of three rows of three digits each. The objective of the game is really rather simple: the player simply scratches the coating associated with each of the rows and then from there, see if they have managed to acquire three numbers that are the same within that row.

Please note that the numbers are to be read horizontally not vertically or diagonally and so the mere fact that the first digit in Row 1, 2 and 3 all happen to be the number 9 is of absolutely no relevance or significance whatsoever. A quirk, but of no value to the player.

In addition to the three numbers included within the row, there is also another entry here: the “prize” box. In the event that the player manages to match up three digits within a row, thereby securing victory for themselves, they will need to scratch off the coating surrounding the prize box to see the value of their prize.

The value of the prize can be increased by virtue of the presence of the tripler symbols that are sometimes to be found within the scratch cards. In keeping with the general theme and gimmick of the game, in order to triple the winnings, the player must acquire three of the “3” icons to be eligible.

Please note that if the player does manage to uncover the triple icons, the multiplier effect will only impact on that specific row, and no other row.

In addition, it is entirely possible for a player to win a total of three times within the confines of a single Triple Cash card and so winning on one row does not preclude the player from winning with the others.

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