Excalibur Slot Machine

Excalibur Slot Machine is a very easy to play video slot machine which is made up of 5 reels. It’s possible for players to play on between 1 and 20 different pay lines which make betting even more exciting. Every coin that you add will enable an additional pay line. When the reels stop spinning the computer will automatically calculate any winnings and pay them to you.

Game Experience

Most people will really enjoy playing the Excalibur Slot Machine online. This is because the slot machine game is loaded within a browser window. Because of this there is no need to install any additional software onto your computer. This should make it possible to play the game on any computer regardless of the operating system.

The slot machine has a really nice fairy tale fantasy theme centered on Arthur and the Round table. This includes some nice graphics, sound effects and animations. If you enjoy medieval mysteries then this is a great game for you to play.

Playing Excalibur Slot Machine

It is possible to play Excalibur slot machine either for real or by betting money. When betting you can choose to bet in multiple currencies including dollars, euros and pounds. The maximum denomination of coin is $/£/€ 1 on each pay line. This means that the maximum payout is 10,000 coins per game.

To play for free you just need to select the option to play for fun when starting the game. You can also select the option to play with cash if you want to make things that bit more exciting.

You will be able to select different coin denominations and bet between 1 and 4 coins per line. All symbols will pay out when matched in consecutive order from left to right, the only exception is the Golden Chalice which is a scatter symbol and does not need to appear in order.

Excalibur Slot Machine Game Features

The Excalibur slot machine is different to others on the internet. Learning about the features which sets this apart from others can make it easy to decide which game you want to play.

Wild Multiplier Symbol

Excalibur is a wild symbol which is also a multiplier. The Excalibur symbol can be swapped for a number of other symbols in order to complete winning combinations. This also multiplies the winnings depending on the payout schedule. If the Excalibur symbol is used to complete a winning sequence then it will also double the winnings.

If more Excalibur symbols appear then these will increase the payouts even more as detailed in the regular payout schedule.

It is not possible to use the wild symbol to swap for any of the special symbols in the game. This includes the Golden Chalice symbol.

Gold Excalibur

Gold Excalibur is another wild multiplier symbol; this only ever displays itself on Reel 3. This can be used to swap for other symbols in order to complete combinations and when it is used it will also increase the amount you win.

This multiplies the payout by 4 when it is used to complete a sequence. It is not possible to exchange the Gold Excalibur for the Gold Chalice symbol.

Gold Chalice

The Gold Chalice is a scatter symbol which does not need to appear in a particular order in order to win. Your winnings will be calculated by multiplying the combination payout shown in the regular payout schedule by your bet.

If there are three or more golden chalice symbols on the five reels in any order, then this will start the free bonus spin round.

How to Play Excalibur Slot Machine

Playing the Excalibur multiline slot machine is very simple. You can open additional betting lines which will make it more exciting to play the game. Then you can place your bets. If you want to place the maximum bet then you can click the Max Bet button. Clicking on the max bet button will bet the highest bet allowed and automatically start the reels spinning.

If you decide to place bets manually then you will need to start the reels spinning by pressing the spin button.

The reels will either stop spinning by themselves, or you can speed things up and click the spin button again to use the skill stop feature. If used carefully it is possible to stop exactly on a certain result.


The Excalibur slot machine also features an autoplay feature. This enables you to easily set the game to play automatically without any input from yourself. The settings can also be used to adjust the reasons that this autoplay function will end. It is possible to set it to stop automatically playing when you have reached a certain level of winnings, or when you have completed so many games.


Excalibur is a great slot machine which is good fun to play and also has a good chance of providing you with big winnings. The fantasy Arthur theme makes this even more fun to play and all the bonus features improve the chances of winning.

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