Elvis Multi Strike Slot Machine

The Elvis Multi Strike Slot Machine, isn’t your usual slot game but then again Elvis Presley wasn’t your standard singer!

The Elvis slots game is like playing 3 slots all in one game! Plus, there are lots of exciting bonuses to get your hands on to up the Rock n’ Roll factor in these slots and makes up for the lack of free spins. In the main game there are 60 paylines with 20 on each set of reels. How does this work? Well the player spins the first set of 20 to see if he wins and if they get some matching symbols on that game then they progress to the next set of reels and if they get another win they move up to the final set of reels. The whole point of separating the reels however is that as you move up to the next set your winnings increase! So if you get wins in the 2nd and 3rd levels any winning combinations get x2 and then x4. Plus, this game doesn’t feature the usual corny background music that you have to put up with or switch off; it features Elvis himself so when you get a win you can do a little dance for joy!

However no slot, especially not 1 dedicated to Rock n’ Roll royalty, would be complete without a bonus feature or 2. First up is the Fan-O-Meter bonus and this is triggered by 3 Fan-O-Meter symbols. You are taken to a screen with 5 televisions and you have to pick 1. The televisions will show Elvis performing different songs and as it plays a crowd will cheer. Your bonus will depend on the loudness of their cheering and if it hits the top spot then you could also get an additional bonus if an Encore begins.

The second fun bonus round is photo memories which is triggered by 1 photo memory symbols and 3 wild rockin’ re-spin symbols. This game has a collection of photos featuring Elvis at different points of his career. There is also a record with an arrow which when spun will land on a photo which will reward you with a bonus. This can be repeated up to 8 times and the photo values increase but as you start to collect the photos collect symbols are also added and if you land on 1 then the game automatically finishes. You can wager up to £1,500 if you are feeling lucky or just a penny if you don’t have money to burn.

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