Monopoly Here And Now Slot

Monopoly Here and Now Slot Machine is another great slot machine game based on the popular board game. Just like the classic game your goal is to own it all plus of course build apartments and hotels on properties.

Monopoly Here and Now Slot Machine Deeds

You will notice that as you play the Monopoly Here & Now Slot that symbols with property deed sub-symbols appear on the first three reels. Hit three such symbols on an active pay line, and Mr. Monopoly pulls a random deed out of his coat which earns an upgrade for the the corresponding. Your line bet on the winning sub-symbol line determines how large of an upgrade you receive on that property – one to four apartments or a hotel.

When a property upgrade is earned, one of the unimproved properties is randomly chosen to earn that upgrade. In the case where all properties have been upgraded, Mr. Monopoly randomly chooses one of the already upgraded properties to receive more apartments or another hotel.

1 credit = 1 Apartment
2 credits = 2 Apartments
3 credits = 3 Apartments
4 credits = 4 Apartments
5 credits = 1 Hotel

Monopoly Here And Now Slot Free Parking Jackpot

In the upper left corner of the screen are the Free Parking Bonus meters. The last three reels have yellow, orange and red Free Parking symbols that increment the bonus meters with the amount shown on the symbol. The value on each Free Parking symbol is based upon your bet size. The bigger your bet, the bigger the meter increment.

The first time you play Monopoly Here & Now, the Free Parking meters start at 100, 200 and 500, respectively. If the payline that first activates the Board Bonus has 2 or more credits, additional credits add to the Jackpot Accumulator. This one-time boost corrects the original reset amount to be commensurate with your bonus-winning bet.

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