Monopoly Plus

The Monopoly Plus game is the most recent game to be released from the Wagerworks software company who you may or may not have known are the online gaming arm of IGT, the worlds leading slot game developer. So if you like playing slot games online, then with a pedigree like theirs you know this slot will be worth checking out and allocating some playtime too, and in true Wagerworks fashion you will of course be able to play it for free at any online casino powered by their software to see if it is as good as we say it is!

So let’s begin by telling you a little bit about this brand new slot. As the name suggests it is another in the series of Monopoly themes slots and as such you are going to find plenty of instantly recognizable reel symbols being used on the reels, and some of these include the playing piece symbols those being the Car, Dog, and Hat symbols, other ones worth noting are the Waterworks and Electricity company symbols, as well as the Train, House and Hotel symbols. The Jackpot symbols on the Monopoly Plus slot game is the Wild symbol which also stands in for all of the symbols mentioned.

If you have never played Wagerworks powered slots before, then all of the game play controls are positioned at the base of the slot screen and you will be able to change the coin values at which you are playing all 30 of this slot machines paylines at along with the main Start button which sets the game in motion, plus you will find the Auto Play button and this once activated will set the slot to play itself, without you having to click the start button over and over again! You will also find all of the player adjustable controls available via the options button.

Monopoly Plus Level Up Feature

One brand new feature which has been added to the slot game is the Level Up feature, and as you play the base game more and more you will raise through each level and by doing just that the payouts you will be receiving from this slot will rise upwards, resulting in you getting better value and more importantly winning chances by becoming loyal to this slot!

The different levels you will reach as you play this game are as follows: Everyone begins at Entrepreneur level, and onece you make it passed this stage you become a Leader and this will give you your first increase in the payouts you will get from this slot. As you move through Leader and the next level Executive, you will arrive at the Luminary level and this is where you are awarded another boost to your payouts. The next level is the Baron level then right at the top we have the Tycoon, and this level awards you yet another permanent payout boost.

You may be wondering how you progress though these different stages, well this is relatively simple to do as you play the base game you could activate the bonus board and as you play this bonus game and you land on certain positions they will have Monopoly cash amounts on them and the more cash you accumulate the higher the level you will reach.

Should you reach the Leader, Luminary and Tycoon levels then you are awarded a permanent boost to your payouts, however when you reach the other levels namely the Executive and Baron levels you will unlock more movers which are used on the bonus board game.

Monopoly Plus Random Wild Feature

At the end of any spin you have made you could be awarded the randomly triggered Random Wild Feature, when this is awarded Mr Monopoly will come dancing across the screen and will pick from one to five reels to turn completely wild, therefore for the biggest and best payouts from this feature you will be hoping he does indeed turn them all wild or at least make the first few reels wild to ensure you get plenty of winning combinations.

Monopoly Plus Bonus Board Feature

When you manage to spin in reels on number one, three and five all at the same time a Bonus Board Bonus symbol then you are going to get to play the bonus board round, and you will first have to click on one of these symbols to reveal how many rolls of the dice you are going to be able to play on this bonus board feature.

As you work your way around the bonus board by rolling the dice you can win all manner of additional features depending on which positions you land on, some worthy of note include when you land on a property square you will win one spin on the bonus game slot, or when you land on the Utility position you will then get to roll the dice and whatever number you roll in will be converted into an instant cash award, so you will be hoping for a high score when you roll that dice!

Should you land on either the Chance or Community Chest positions as you work your way around the board you can be awarded on of three different things, these could be one or even more additional rolls of the dice, or you may be relocated instantly to another position on the board or you may win yourself an instant cash award.

Whenever you land on the Free Parking position you will be awarded with one extra free roll of the dice, should you roll in a double then you instantly are awarded with an extra free roll of the dice, and the maximum number of rolls you can be awarded by this and all other bonus features during the bonus board game is limited to 50 in total.

The expected return to player payout percentage on the Monopoly Plus slot game is from 94.03% up to 96.71%.

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