Hot Streak Roulette System Explained

Many people have actually spent money on roulette systems such as the Hot Streak Roulette System and have been pleasantly surprised when the bold claims made by such roulette systems actually proved to be accurate. For example, a player may set themselves the goal of winning 20 chips per day, beginning this quest with a bankroll of around 50 and then continuing these crucial steps until they win. Most crucially, the player will only continue to wager using the system in question, until they reach their target. As soon as they do, they cease for the day.

Hot Streak Roulette System – Stage 1

In the first instance, the player should refrain from betting until either colour appears twice in a row, and this is the green light for the player to then commence the system. This means that a winning streak has begun and so our goal is to ensure that we wager that this winning streak will be continuing for the near future.

Hot Streak Roulette System – Stage 2

In order for us to actually get the ball rolling, (no pun intended) we will need to begin by placing a wager of 15 chips on the colour that has appeared twice. With that duly completed, the next step is then to place 3 chips on the number 0, which it should be noted, is actually 20% of the value of the bet that we have placed on the colour in question.

Hot Streak Roulette System – Bet Sizes

Irrespective of whether the initial wager achieves a victory or not, we will keep on wagering until we lose, although it is important that we reduce the size of the wagers that we place on the colours, to around 5 chips and for the wager on 0, set it at 1. If you win, then increase the bets by increments of 1, and revert back to the lowest value once you are at risk of exceeding the ratio of 3 chips on the number 0.

One of the most crucial components of this particular system is that the player must ensure that they keep the size of the bet on the number 0 at an even 20% of the value the wager that is placed on the colour you have bet on. In the unlikely event that the first two bets that have placed are losers, the player will need to change tact by using a different colour which should appear twice consecutively.

For example, if 2 blacks have secured a win, then the player will wager on the red for 2 times, followed by the black for two times, and repeat this process until a loss is suffered. When a loss is endured, the next step in the process is to then return to the start.

Don’t forget, it is crucial that the system is automatically brought to an end whenever the player manages to secure a profit of 20 chips. Please note that it may take quite a lengthy period of time before such results are achieved, specifically, the player may need to make use of 100 spins to achieve this goal.

Hot Streak Roulette System – Practise Sessions

Before staking your hard earned money with this system, you should ensure that you play roulette for practice making use of some of our free roulette games. In the event that you finally get to grips with the system to such an extent that you feel genuinely confident about using it in a professional setting, then you should make use of the Virgin Casino and claim our exclusive £150 bonus.

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