European Roulette

Without a doubt, one of the most commonly played casino games across the world is European roulette and the reason for this is that anyone can play, as it is a game of chance which in turn, means that there is no requirement for skill or strategy to be used or relied upon. The game is fairly simplistic to accomplish, as it all it requires is a roulette wheel and a grid upon which bets and wagers are determined.

The roulette croupier will spin the wheel in one direction and then throw a very small, metallic ball in the opposite direction. Before the ball actually lands on a number the player(s) will be required to then submit their wager, with their prediction as to where the ball will ultimately land.

European Roulette Wheel

European style roulette is sometimes referred to as single zero roulette and this is used to denote the fact that the European style roulette wheel contains only one zero as opposed to two which significantly reduces the odds in favour of the house.

European roulette relies upon the use of 37 different pockets all of which are numbered, with the highest number being 36 and the lowest, 0. There are three primary colours used in regards to European style roulette, and these are green for the zero, and red/black for the remainder of the numbers.

Please note that the players MUST submit their wager before the wheel is actually spun and once the wheel is actually spun, no further bets will be or can be accepted. It is worth noting that there are a number of different payouts on offer for this game and the amount received will depend on the choice of numbers and colours made.

European Roulette – The Ways of Betting

Placing a wager during the course of European roulette can be divided into two broad categories for ease of classification.

European Roulette – Inside Bets

An inside bet which is placed in European bet is used to refer to situations whereby you place a wager on any of the digits within the range specified. Please note that an inside bet can also fall under a number of different groups.

Straight Up – With this betting option, the player will place a bet on any of the digits, 0-36. In order to denote their choice and preference, roulette etiquette requires that the player places their chips in the middle of the squared numbers they intend to wager on.

Split Bet- This betting option is used to allow a player to be able to place a wager on two digits which happen to be closely placed together, and the wager which the player will duly submit is the maximum value of a wager submitted under Straight Up, only doubled (for obvious reasons).

Street bet Here, the player will bet on three digits that happen to be consecutively placed, such as 1,2,3, or 15,16,17. The wager requirement for this type of bet is the same as the Straight Up requirements wager with the crucial difference of it being tripled (for obvious reasons).

These are not the only choices that are open to the player, and they can make use of a number of different styles of wager.

European Roulette – Outside Bets

The outside bet in European roulette is placing the bet outside of the table layout such as Red or the First 12. In European roulette, the bets in this category consist of:

• Column bet – Here, the player will be placing a wager based on one of three vertical columns found within the table.
• Dozen Bet – This wager requires the player to submit a wager based on the dozen range.

European Roulette – The Payouts

One of the most exciting and engaging features of European style roulette is that there is no single payout and so the player will be eligible for different values if they choose different betting options. For example, the payout for a wager submitted under the Straight-up provisions is 35 to 1. If the player wins, then they receive 36 chips for each single chip.

If the player should make use of a split wager, then the payout is 17 to 1 and so the player receives 18 chips to every 1 chip they wagered.

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