One major effect of the recent decline in worldwide economies is that players are having to lower their gambling budgets to make ends meet, and the tightening of many slot players purses means they are now becoming much more savvy in terms of when and where they play slots, and this has led to a marked increase in players taking part in slot tournaments.

These are found in many Microgaming software powered casinos and are basically a competition whereby the player or player who manages to acquire the largest winning payout score when playing a slot game for a set period of time can pick up a decent sized cash prize.

The beauty of playing in a slot tournament online is that you can take part in them either completely free of charge or by paying a modest entry fee, and as such not only can players get their slot playing fix they also stand the chance of winning an instant cash prize.

However some of the paid to enter tournaments offer you the chance of winning your entry into them via what is known as a satellite tournament, these satellites are up and running in the days before the main tournament takes and therefore are well worth taking part in.

Whilst some tournaments run for a set period of time whether it be a few hours, several days or even weeks, to drum up a little excitement in them you will discover that you can continue playing in them even though you may have played your original entry, this is made possible by either what is known as a “Continue” or a “Re-Buy”.

A continue lets you carry on playing in a slot tournament for an extra fee, if you decide you wish to pay this extra fee then you will be given more time to play in the tournament with additional tournament credits on that slot, and will be able to amass a larger score and hopefully get yourself into a prize paying position on the prize paying leader board.

A Re-Buy on the other hand will let you start a slot tournament again from the start, you will have to pay another entry fee and your previous score will be voided and you can play the tournament from scratch in the hope of getting a better position in the tournament this second time round.

There are a diverse range of slot tournaments up and running every day of the week and below you will find those offered at the leading Microgaming casinos, spend a few minutes reading through those currently available below as we are confident some of them will appeal to you!

Freeroll Tournaments

Everyone like the word free and that is what these slot tournaments are all about! A Freeroll is a completely free to enter tournament whereby you can enter and take part at no cost to yourself. There are several types of these tournaments found each day in Microgaming powered sites and whilst the prizes on offer are rather modest they give you a chance of winning for real with spending a cent!

Freeroll Tournaments: Continues – Re-Buys

Midweek Moolah

Should you be prepared to pay for your entry into a slot tournament then the Midweek Moolah’s are a good one for you to pen into your diary each week. They can be found up and running each week from Tuesday to Thursday and with a massive guaranteed prize pool of $10,000 up for grabs you could find yourself winning one of the nineteen $1000.00 cash prizes offered to those players making it onto the top positions of the leader board.

Midweek Moolah Tournaments: Satellites – Continues – Re-Buys

Weekend Whopper

Much like the Midweek Moolah tournament above the Weekend Whopper offers a large cash prize pool of $10,000 however this prize pot is awarded on a sliding scale to the top nineteen entrants, with the first placed player bagging a cool $2,000 and the nineteenth placed player picking up $250.

Weekend Whopper Tournaments: Satellites – Continues – Re-Buys

One Shot

This type of slot tournament could be described as Communist! By that we mean everyone is equal and will have an equal chance of winning, this is due to entrants having just one try at the tournament and as such you cannot purchase either continues or re-buys!

One Shot Tournaments: One single paid entry per player.


Here is an online slot tournament which you may wish to get stuck into, a Survivor tournament is one that is made up of several rounds and as each round comes to an end those entrants with the lowest scores are eliminated and those with the highest score then advance forward into the next round, by surviving it through to the final round you can then aim to get yourself into a cash paying position.

Survivor Tournaments: : Satellites – Continues – Re-Buys


You will find a couple of Reloader tournaments running each and every day at Microgaming powered sites and with these kinds of tournaments you are only allowed to Re-buy, meaning you can play the tournament again from the beginning with any previously played entry being wiped clean. Whilst not to everyones taste they do offer some fairly substantial prize pools for relatively modest entry fees.

Reloader Tournaments: Re-Buys

Monthly Monster

This is the one online slot tournament everyone should try and get involved with and with a guaranteed prize pool of a massive $25,000, it is one you should not miss! Whilst the entry fee can be a little restrictive to some players costing $25.00 you could win your way into it via one of several freeroll satellites, in fact that is what most players do as each satellite will give up to 30 players a free entry. This tournament runs for a full seven days throughout each month so we are fairly confident you will find a small window in your dairy to give it your best shot!

Monthly Monster Tournaments: Satellites – Continues – Re-Buys


Another fairly popular slot tournament is the Extender, with modest entry fees and several prize paying positions you can choose to give it one entry or increase your chances of winning by purchasing a continue, or if your initial entry didn’t amass you are large enough score then how about beginning it all over again by taking the Re-buy option.

Extender Tournaments: Continues – Re-Buys

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