2 Million BC Slot

A firmly tongue-in-cheek game, the 2 Million BC slot machine features a lovable, prehistoric caveman and all the various other stock characters and themes one would expect from a game set at the dawn of time, and so stone wheels and sabre tooth tigers play a prominent role in the game. Life for the Neanderthals (our ancestors) certainly was interesting, as they would not have a moment’ respite or peace from hunting, or from being hunted. With the 2 Million BC slot machine, the player will be guaranteed to never get a moment’s peace….from the highly addictive nature of the game!

This slot machine is the product of the Betsoft Gaming franchise, and whilst they are fairly new to the market, they are already making a real name for themselves as they release one high online slot machine gaming experience after another. The dimensions of the 2 Million BC Slot machine is fairly ambitious and so it contains a grand total of 5 reels and 30 paylines to its name.

The bid range stands at $0.02-$1 per line, although if the player wishes to wager using coins instead of actual money, then they will wager 5 coins per payline. Given the fact that the jackpot stands at 75,000 coins any concerns that the player is staking their money for a limited prize at the end of it all are totally unfounded and meritless.

The 2 Million BC video slot machine is to be commended for both its humour and high quality of the graphics and so the player will be treated with the visual delight of the spectacle of the hapless caveman crashing headfirst into a monolith during the course of gameplay.

As is standard with online slot machines, this slot machine happens to feature a bonus round, whereby the player, if they are able to secure three of the burning fireplace symbols in consecutive order on three of the reels at the same time, will be entitled to enter the Free Spin Bonus Round Feature.

If the player is able to acquire three of the acorn symbols on the reels under the same conditions as is required for the burning fireplaces, this will then trigger the Rock Drop bonus feature whereby the player will control the caveman who will climb to the top of the reels, and then proceed to fight against the sabre tooth tiger by dropping acorns on the tiger.

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