Archipelago Slots

Drawing its inspiration heavily from the typical literary interpretations and depictions of the various fabled aquatic and long lost civilisations known to mankind (such as Atlantis) the somewhat misleadingly named Archipelago Slots is a slot machine from the CTXM franchise. With a potential jackpot of $12,500 up for grabs, somewhere in its 5 reels and 25 paylines, the Archipelago Slots happens to be one of the generous slot machines released by the CTXM Company and enjoys its status as such.

One criticism that has been raised time and time again in regards to the Archipelago Slots is the fact that the jackpot is not fixed, but instead, entirely contingent upon the actual cash wager submitted by the player. Therefore, the $12,500 specified earlier will only be earned by those players who are actually prepared to stake the maximum amount of $5.
The wager requirement range per payline of the Archipelago Slots is standard for all CTXM slot machines and so it currently stands at $0.05-5.00 per payline. Therefore, if the player was willing to try their luck with the maximum wager per payline they would be staking $125 per spin in order to win the top prize. With that in mind then, it is safe to say that the Archipelago Slots will appeal to both low and high stake players.

Some of the CTXM slot machines have been on the receiving end of sharp criticism by virtue of the fact that they are somewhat diluted by virtue of the fact that they provide very little in the way of actual content or bonus features. Thankfully, this is not a comment that is fair or true of Archipelago Slots and so the Archipelago Slots features plenty of supplementary features to entice and occupy the player.

As is to be expected from an online slot machine, the Archipelago Slots features the standard “free spins” round whereby the player will have the opportunity to earn themselves between 5 and 15 free spins, according to the number of scatter symbols they are able to acquire during each round of gameplay.

There is also a highly enjoyable a bonus round as well, the “Spirits of Nature”. In the Spirits of Nature, the player will be presented with a grand total of four different “worlds” from which they will choose one. Each different world contains a different puzzle which must be solved; if the player is successful in doing so, they will earn extra money.

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