Aztec Treasure Slot Machine

The Aztec civilisation were renowned for the riches and the fantastic opulence of their cities, but in a tragic and ironic twist of fate, the old adage of love of money being the root of all evil was proven to be especially perceptive when the entire Aztec civilisation was put to the sword by virtue of the avaricious and greedy Spanish conquistadores. In the Aztec Treasure Slot Machine, the player will have their chance as well, to earn themselves gold and treasure that would rival that of the Aztec civilisation.

The Aztec Treasure Slot Machine is a product of the BetSoft Gaming franchise, and as such, all of the hallmarks commonly associated with the franchise, i.e. the 5 reels and 30 paylines, are prominently featured. In addition, the Aztec Treasure Slot Machine is fully 3D and so the player will find themselves delighted with the high quality of graphics with this addictive and engrossing game.

The sound effects are worthy of particular mention and praise, and the reason for this is due to the fact that they are so uncannily realistic. Indeed, many players have reported that they thought that they were genuinely wandering in a jungle during gameplay!

As with all BetSoft Gaming slot machines, the wager requirement per payline for the Aztec Treasure Slot Machine happens to be extremely generous and cost affordable indeed, and so the player will not need to worry about bankrupting themselves in the process of actually playing the game. Bets range from 0.05-1 (wagers can be made in Euros, Dollars and Pounds).

If the player is able to acquire three lizard icons on the reels then they will be earn themselves additional free spins.
One of the more amusing bonus features that the game happens to include is the “Love Hut” feature. In this bonus round, the player will be presented with two Aztec females who the player will then present with gifts. The player will make their choices from a range presented to them, and so the more that the Aztec girls actually happen to appreciate the gifts that have been presented to them, the more richly they will reward the player for their generosity.

Acquiring three of the Aztec calendar icons will also trigger a bonus round, known as the “Click Me” round. In the Click Me feature, the player will be presented with three calendar symbols, one of which they must choose. Doing so will present them with a randomized prize.

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