Freaky Gym Slots

One can almost feel sorry for the marketing executives as well as the research and development teams who are involved with the development of online slot machine games and the reason for this is that there must be immense pressure on them to develop fresh, original and dynamic content. The content must be unique so as to avoid allegations of a lack of creativity, as well as the potential risk of being accused of copyright infringement.

However at the same time, one cannot help but feel as if some of the ideas for online slot machines exist solely because they are so bizarre and outlandish. Take the Freaky Gym Slots for example, one of the online slot machines released by the CTXM franchise. Here, there is a collection of what seems to be grossly mutated fruit that has managed to morph freakishly large teeth and eyes, and which are content on pumping iron. SURE.

Despite its goofy appearance, the Freaky Gym Slots has managed to actually earn itself a lot of positive attention and coverage for one simple reason: it offers a very generous jackpot, $15,000 to be exact. Considering that the wager requirement per payline stands at $0.05-$5.00, across the whole of the 5 reels and 30 paylines, it is safe to say that even the most financially challenged online slot machine fans can enjoy the game.

One unique feature of the Freaky Gym Slots is that it features an automatic, built in, pre-determined bonus round feature which will automatically kick in after 60 rounds of gameplay thereby ensuring that the player is and will be, rewarded for their hard work and commitment.

No doubt some players will be unhappy with that revelation, thinking to themselves: “do I really need to keep playing for that long?”

Thankfully, no.

A highly commendable feature of the Freaky Gym Slots is that the player will be able to make use of an autospin feature which will allow them to effectively instruct the game to play itself a certain number of times without the player having to engage in the tedious process of manually instructing the machine to do so.

There is also a bonus round included in the game, whereby the player will choose between several characters and decide which one will win the race that they are all involved in. If the player guesses correctly, then they win additional prizes such as cash, or multipliers.

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