Fruit Salads Jackpot Slots

The Fruit Salads Jackpot Slots has been without a doubt, one of the most, if not the most, controversial and contentious slot machines produced by the CTXM Company to date, and it has caused many people to quietly wonder whether the CTXM Company actually has the business acumen or gravitas to actually survive in such a tough, unyielding and demanding market.

The reason for the overall negative feedback thus far is due to the fact that the Fruit Salads Jackpot Slots is sorely lacking in any sort of major feature and specifically, it happens to have the dubious honour of being a newly released slot machine…..which is actually lacking in a variety of different features which many people would typically come to regard as being standard for the industry.

Even the name of the Fruit Salads Jackpot Slots seems to fairly tenuous and like the rest of the slot machine, it just feels half-baked, rushed and generally unfinished. The Fruit Salads Jackpot Slots has 3 reels and 5 paylines, with a wager range requirement of $0.21 per spin.

At first, many people who were actually prepared to give the Fruit Salads Jackpot Slots a chance were happy at the fact that they would be able to make use of a genuine penny slot machine, and this is evidenced by virtue of the fact that the Fruit Salads Jackpot Slots has $0.01 as a coin wager. However, upon closer inspection, it quickly becomes apparent that the Fruit Salads Jackpot Slots specifically requires that the player must bet a minimum of 21 coins before being allowed to spin.

This is not a large amount of money by any stretch of the imagination, and when you consider the fact that the jackpot is valued at $3360 then the game somewhat redeems itself, albeit it marginally.

The Fruit Salads Jackpot Slots is not especially unique in the fact that it does not feature any free spins or bonus rounds, sadly this is entirely symptomatic of the CTXM franchise as a whole. However, what really raises eyebrows and lowers expectations is the fact that the overall feel of the Fruit Salads Jackpot Slots is shoddy in the extreme.

The sound effects are extremely amateurish sounding, nothing more than your typical reel spinning around. The graphics are equally drab, dull and uninspiring and so the player is left to contend with substandard graphics which do little to engage them.

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