Gold in Bars Slots

The Gold in Bars Slots is a slot machine that seems to be rather unsure of what it is, or indeed, what it aspires to be and this is quite plainly and clearly reflected in the fact that it has a minimal amount of bonus rounds or even features that are widely accepted as the norm in the market. With its 3 reels and 5 paylines, the Gold in Bars Slots looks distinctly small scale and even amateurish when compared to its peers, which are usually 5 reels and 20-50 paylines in number.

Sometimes, these smaller machines will punch well above their weight, and will ultimately force the player to rethink their initial,shallow impression of the game, and instead realise that there is a very solid game to be played right in front of them. For the Gold in Bars Slots, the jackpot is its one shining grace, its one redeeming feature and the reason for this that it stands at an astronomical $32,800.

Given that the minimum amount per payline is $0.82, it is safe to say that the player will not need to impoverish themselves in order to actually play the game.

However, the sad and pathetic truth of the Gold in Bars Slots is this: whilst the jackpot is very generous indeed, one cannot help but feel as if the overall lack of commitment and quality which is so evidently prevalent in the game will deter the player. In short, the average player, who wishes to actually enjoy their online slot machine gaming experience and sees this as their primary objective rather than the pursuit of money, may simply give the Gold in Bars Slots a wide berth.
The Gold in Bars Slots may have a jackpot that is really worth the time and effort. The only problem is…too many players will be unwilling to even try.

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