Mad Scientist Slot

The Play Mad Scientist Slot Machine is a very aptly named game as this exciting and highly unique (not to mention fun and addictive) slot machine is strongly themed around a mad scientist and the wide and wonderful array of madcap plans and diabolical schemes he has at his disposal.

The producers of the Play Mad Scientist Slot Machine have used this as a prime opportunity to produce and feature a larger than life character, and so the player will need to be prepared for a demented lunatic who cackles with reckless abandon as the player manages to win a prize.

The dimensions of the Play Mad Scientist Slot Machine are 5 reels and 20 paylines, and a total jackpot of $25,000 which is quite generous. Indeed, if you manage to secure yourself the maximum jackpot you may just find yourself cackling away like the mad scientist featured in the game.

The Play Mad Scientist Slot Machine features a number of different bonus features and rounds, again, in keeping with the overall ethos of the game as a whole, they are all steeped in pseudo-scientific motifs. Take for example, the Bio Pick Me bonus round which the player can enter into if they are successful in acquiring a minimum of three different yellow warning symbols on the reels. During this feature, the player will be able to acquire additional credits (which are aggregated to their current running total) which can comfortably reach a maximum of 550.

Please note that whatever the number of coins the player earns for themselves, will be multiplied by the value of the line bet which has been submitted by the player.

Another bonus feature included within the game is the Great Experiment round in which, the player will be presented with the opportunity to earn additional bonuses and prizes, such as a multiplier which will be applied to all of their winnings for a limited period of time. The player will be presented with a number of different items which the mad scientist will then apply his highly experimental serum onto, in order to see if the item will turn into gold.

During this round the items that the player selects to be subjected to the chemical concoction of the mad scientist will turn into gold, silver or bronze and so the player will receive a number of credits which is determined according to the metal that it turns into.

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