Summer Dream Slots

Probably a militant feminists worst nightmare, the Summer Dream Slots is a tropical beach and summer paradise themed slot machine from the CTXM Company which features beach cocktails, a plethora of gorgeous, bronzed summer goddesses in human form, and of course, plenty of fun to have all round.

The Summer Dream Slots has widely been acknowledged and accepted as one of the most successful and popular slot machine games released by the CTXM Company to date, and the reason for this happens to be for a variety of reasons. First off, the Summer Dream Slots happens to be one of the largest slot machines provided by CTXM, and so it stands at 5 reels and 30 paylines. When you consider the fact that many of the slot machines produced by the company are no more than 3 reels and a single payline each, it is safe to say the Summer Dream Slots really does tower above the rest.

The Summer Dream Slots has also managed to secure a loyal and devoted following among the casual players group by virtue of the generous jackpot on offer, which is $15,000. Please note that as is common to all CTXM Company slot machines, the actual value of the jackpot will always be contingent entirely upon the amount that the player wagers.
Whilst this can be perhaps criticized or even condemned as being nothing more than a cheap stunt to get more money from the player, the simple truth of the matter is that the Summer Dream Slots provides such an overall excellent quality of gameplay that the fact that the player will need to wager a maximum of $5 to win the $15,000 pales in comparison.
If a player is on a tight budget then simply betting at $0.05 is also possible.

The Summer Dream Slots offers a wide selection of different bonus round and extra perks (which is itself significant, because not all or every CTXM game works in this way) and some of these are as follows.

The first bonus round is automatically triggered whenever the player manages to acquire a minimum of three of the “shoppy” icons on the reels. When the player does so, they will be presented with a randomized collection of different beach related items including towels, sun lotion and sunglasses. They will then be required to pick several at random, and they will receive a cash prize for each.

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