Totem Quest Slots

A rather eclectic array of different features and themes, the Totem Quest Slots is only loosely based on totem poles which themselves were often used and relied upon during Native American shamanistic rituals to provide guidance to a tribe in their times of need and difficulty. Indeed, some of the more bloodthirsty tribes looked to their totem poles as the source of all of their martial decisions and so would determine whether to annihilate a tribe or spare them according to the portents decreed by the pole.

The Totem Quest Slots is just another in a very long range of different slot machines that has been produced by the CTXM Company to date, and whilst the actual theme of the Totem Quest Slots may leave a lot to be desired, (I mean seriously, totem poles? Anyone?) there can be no denying that underneath it all, lies a very solidly built game.

The Totem Quest Slots has a grand jackpot of $10,000 hidden somewhere amid the 5 reels and 25 paylines, and wager requirement of the Totem Quest Slots happens to be very cost effective and affordable indeed, ranging from 0.05-5.00 per payline.

The CTXM Company has received sharp criticism and rebuke from the industry experts, who have slated the company due to the rather static and tedious nature of their games. Thankfully, it would seem that the company has taken the constructive feedback on board and so they have actively sought to make the Totem Quest Slots as engaging and dynamic as possible. This has been achieved by means of some minor animations for the icons, along with appropriate ambient sound effects to get the player more firmly “in the mood.”

As is to be expected from any online slot machine, the Totem Quest Slots happens to feature a free spin feature whereby the player will earn themselves additional free spins to their name without the need to stake any money. Sadly, the free spins are exactly that and no more, and so if you are hoping that you will be getting extra cash for your efforts, think again!

Thankfully, the Totem Quest Slots also has bonus rounds and one of the most noteworthy of all these is without a doubt, the “Catch A Gem.” As the name would perhaps indicate, the player will be required to try and catch as many jewels as they can in a special pouch within a tight deadline.

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