Our main aim here at Bingo Wonga is simply to bring you the very best of online bingo. We will only promote the “best of the best” from the hundreds of online bingo sites. In reality online bingo sites are very similar when you look at the actual game play of each site. The same though can’t be stated when you compare the support on offer or the value each player gets from every pound they spend. Quality sites, such as Virgin Bingo have superb cash back schemes. At Virgin Bingo players earn V Points on every pound they spend which can be traded for cash or even special items such as return flights to Las Vegas. Cash back and reward programs should play a major part of any bingo player’s decision in regards to what site they intend to play. Many bingo players are simply giving away hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year by simply playing on the wrong sites. Can you afford to throw money away?

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