Mr Vegas Slot

The Mr Vegas Slot Machine is not a game for those who have objections to the obscenely wealthy cavorting in a lifestyle of opulent and high class luxury with all the trappings that life in the fast lane will inevitably bring them. Featuring the titular protagonist, Mr Vegas as he blasts his way through Las Vegas a roulette table and show girl (or three) at a time, the Mr Vegas Slot Machine really is a game that is to be commended for its painstaking attention to detail.

Everything about the game has been designed in such a way so as to relate to the world of Las Vegas and so the player will be pleased to see that even the menu buttons of the game are designed to look like the chips that players will make their bets with in a casino.

The Mr Vegas Slot Machine is not just a feast for the eyes, but the wallet as well, and so if the player was to bet the maximum amount allowable and was then fortunate enough to win the jackpot, they will earn themselves $89,923. Speaking of wagering, the wager range per payline is set at 0.02-1.00 per payline.

If you are feeling especially lucky, but do not wish to contend with the tedious process of having to submit a bid for each of the paylines, simply click on the “bet max” button and the game will simply step in and automatically handle the wagering process for you.

The Mr Vegas Slot Machine is also to be commended for the sheer range, not to mention quality, of the special features that are on offer. Take for example, the Dice bonus. Here, the dice icon will be spun much like a real dice and if the dice happens to land on either of the adjacent sides of the Mr Vegas symbol then the player is for a treat as they will earn entry to the free spins bonus feature.

What happens if the dice happens to come up as a double? Simple. The player will have the value of all their winnings doubled for a limited period of time. When you combine the x2 multiplier alongside with the fact that the game offers a progressive jackpot, it is plain to see that with the Mr Vegas Slot Machine you really can strike out on your own, and earn it big.

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