Neteller For Online Bingo & Slots

Using Neteller For Online Bingo & Slots

Neteller is one of a number of digital e-wallet services operated by the PaySafe Group. Neteller is an online account for which you can fund, from your bank or from other sources. In regards to online gambling simply think of a Neteller account as your account purely for gambling.

Neteller For Online Gambling

One great feature that I believe Neteller has over your Debit card is that you can simply fund it with an amount you are happy to lose whereas when using your debit card you have access to your whole account balance. I know that for most this is not a problem but it’s a great aid for those who are tempted to gamble a little more than they want to sometimes. It is also great for keeping all your gambling transactions in one place so you can see all your deposits and withdrawals.

Neteller Fees

The main disadvantage Neteller has compared to Debit cards is the fees. For example, Neteller charges a 1.5% fee for most funding sources excluding bank transfers. There is also a £5 fee when withdrawing money from your Neteller account to your bank account. Please check the Neteller website for of full list of fees per country. On the positive side, most online gambling companies don’t charge any fees for Neteller deposits or withdrawals.

Neteller Bonus Problems

One worrying trend in regards to Neteller is that some online bingo and slots sites exclude Neteller deposits from their bonus offers. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions of any bonus offer before you make a Neteller deposit.

Is Neteller Secure?

There’s no need to worry about the funds in your Neteller account. Neteller is like a bank, very secure and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Unlike debit cards, where the card details are stored on a server, when you make a deposit with Neteller, each and every time, you need to input your account detail as your full Neteller account details are never stored on the gaming site’s server. If the gaming company gets hacked, then card details may well be compromised but your Neteller account details are safe.

Net+ pre-paid MasterCard

A great perk of opening a Neteller account is that you have the option of getting a pre-paid Net+ MasterCard which you can use at any merchant around the world that accepts MasterCard plus you can also use it to withdraw cash from ATMs. There are no fees for any physical purchases although there are fees for withdrawals.

Neteller Deposits For Online Bingo & Slots

Neteller deposits are just about instant. You can deposit and be playing within seconds!

Neteller Withdrawals Deposits For Online Bingo & Slots

Neteller withdrawal times do vary a great deal depending on which gambling site you use. In most cases, the actual withdrawal time is dependent on how long the actual gambling site takes to process your withdrawal. As soon as your withdrawal is processed and sent to your Neteller account it is available. From my experience of using Neteller, I can tell you that withdrawals can take between a minute to up to two days, so please check with the gambling site of your choice for withdrawal processing times.





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