Debit Cards For Online Bingo & Slots

Using Debit Cards For Online Bingo & Slots

Using a Debit card to fund an online gambling account, be it bingo, casino, sports betting or poker is by far the most popular method. The most popular UK Debit cards in the UK include:

  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard Visa

All UK gambling sites will accept Visa deposits and withdrawals with no fees usually being charged. Using a debit card is actually an extremely secure way of funding your account. Debit cards are even more popular now for funding online gambling accounts since the UK government banned the use of credit cards for online gambling earlier this year.

Debit cards are normally linked to a user’s bank account or in some cases are cards that can be funded from bank accounts (pre-paid debit cards). Unlike credit cards, which in effect  loan you money that has to be repaid, debit cards simply give you access to money that’s either in your account or has been loaded onto the card, so you can only spent what you actually have.

Debit cards are also used by many gambling sites as a form of verification. For example, when claiming a no deposit bonus you may be asked to register a card although no money will be taken from your account.

Funding Your Account With Visa Debit

Funding your account with a Debit card is a pretty easy and painless process. Normally you are asked to enter the amount you want to deposit then you simply select the website’s Visa Debit option, enter you name exactly as its shown on your card. Then enter your address which of course should match the address you used for your debit card. Then enter the card’s long number. You may also have to enter the cards expiry date, sometimes the start date or issue number of the card too!

The final process is to add the CVV number of your card which is found on the reverse of your card. After this the actual processing of your payment takes places. You will normally receive a message saying that your payment has been processed then the amount paid will be added to the balance of your account ready to be played.

Debit Card Deposits For Online Bingo & Slots

Another great feature of using a debit card to fund your account is that deposits are normally instant so you can deposit then be playing in minutes.

Debit Card Withdrawals For Online Bingo & Slots

Debit card withdrawals can take a few days as in most cases you have to wait for the operator to process your withdrawal request, and then wait for the payment to be sent, and then wait for your bank to process the payment before it appears in your account.

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