PaySafeCard For Online Bingo & Slots

Using PaySafeCard For Online Bingo & Slots

PaySafeCard is owned by the PaySafe Group, who owns a network of payment processing companies including Skrill and Neteller.  Since acquiring Skrill for around $1.1 billion back in 2015. PaySafeCard is very popular with UK gambling sites. Checkout out popular UK bingo sites that accept PaySafeCard deposits on our PaySafeCard Bingo page.

The simplest way to describe how PaySafeCard works it to compare it with top-up cards for mobile phones or even gift vouchers for the likes of the Apple Store or Google Play Store as it requires no bank details or personal information and can even be given to someone as a gift.


Where To Buy PaySafeCard?

PaySafeCard is available from over 650,000 sales outlets worldwide which include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Newsagents
  • Petrol Stations.

Just look for the PaySafeCard logo in local stores.

PaySafeCard Direct

With PaySafeCard Direct, topping up your my PaySafeCard account is now a breeze!  The amount is available directly after payment at the sales outlet, the entry of the 16-digit PIN is not necessary. The most convenient way of using this function is with the PaySafeCard app.

This is how PaySafeCard Direct works:

Barcode: Generate a barcode via the PaySafeCard app or PC. You can choose from several nominal amounts worth up to 200 GBP.

Pay: Find your nearest sales outlet that offers PaySafeCard direct (“d” symbol). Ask for PaySafeCard direct, show the barcode and pay the amount there

Balance: The selected amount is now directly available on your my PaySafeCard account

PaySafeCard Security

When you actually buy a PaySafeCard in a store you are actually just buying a code which PaySafeCard call a PIN, so there is no need to give the store any of your personal banking details. You simply input the code on the bingo or slots site of your choice so apart from you losing the actual PIN you have no security worries at all!

PaySafeCard Fees & Limits

There are absolutely no fees when either registering for PaySafeCard or when buying a PIN from a store. Also no online gambling merchant charges for PaySafeCard deposits.

The only fees you’ll encounter are if you lose your voucher or would like a refund for an unused PIN you may be liable for £6 a fee. Also if you fail to use your PIN within 12 months you will also be liable for a £2/month fee (£3 if you don’t have an account) until you use the voucher or until the voucher amount is used up in fees.

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