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Playing Big Money Bingo Games

Believe it or not, when you actually play online bingo, actually has a great bearing on the actual prize money you can win. For example if you are playing bingo on a normal Tuesday morning, even at one of the biggest online bingo sites, then  the chances are high you’ll be playing for a jackpot of just a few pounds. Playing at at evening, better still at a weekend evening, you could be playing for thousands. I must admit though, a good friend of mine shuns the big money games instead playing during the quiet times during work days as she enjoys winning even though the prizes are modest.

Obviously all bingo sites save their big money jackpot games for the times when their customers are able to play. There’s no point running such games whilst most are at work or fast asleep. Every online bingo site has a schedule with the big money games usually run early evening over the weekends. Obviously the big money games attract more players  so your actual chances of winning are reduced but if you win then you are going to win big. We are currently working on creating a schedule that covers all the big money games from the main UK bingo networks so check back soon!



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