2 Million B.C Slot Machine Review

2 Million B.C Slot Machine Overview

2 Million B.C takes you way back in time at the infancy of man, as you enter a prehistoric world inhabited by dangerous animals, as you enjoy a modern slot machine experience packed with bonus features including a sabre toothed tiger hunting game and a diamond stealing second screen bonus game. 2 Million B.C is brought to you by Betsoft Gaming and features the stunning artwork this innovative online software company are known for, all the symbols here look fantastic while the background really takes you back to a prehistoric world.

2 million bc slot machine

2 Million B.C slot machine is played out on 5 reels across 3 rows, the reels themselves sit on top of a lovely looking forest background, and you will find the button panel sitting at the bottom of the reels easy to navigate and as a nice touch the buttons are set in stone. You are in complete control of how you play at 2 Million B.C slot machine, as you can choose from 1 to 30 pay lines, up to x5 bet per line, and a coin value that ranges from 2 pence to 50 pence; making a maximum spin of the reels here £75 and the minimum just 2 pence.

So prepare for a fantastic journey back to the land that time forgot, as you spin the reels at the prehistoric themed 2 Million B.C slot machine.

2 Million B.C Slot Machine Game Symbols

You will find a fantastic selection of game symbols at 2 Million B.C slot machine, each one looks absolutely stunning using high quality graphics, and as an added bonus completing a winning combination triggers a fun animation.

There are 10 cash win symbols in total at 2 Million B.C slot machine 4 of them; Ruby, Jug, Mammoth Drawing, and Stone Necklace require at least 3 matches to pay out, while 6 of them; Wooden Club, Stone Wheel. Stonehenge, Caveman’s Pet, Sabre Toothed Tiger, and Cavewoman, only require 2 matches. A win at 2 Million B.C slot machine is paid out from leftmost to right of the reels, the more pay lines you have active the more chances you have of winning, while a higher bet level and coin value yields a larger pay out on winnings.

If you are stuck or would like more information don’t hesitate to click the 2 Million B.C slot machine View Pays button, which explains what prize is given for matching 2, 3, 4, or 5 of each symbol, as well as explaining all the rules of this slot machine.

2 Million B.C Slot Machine Bonus Features / Games

There are plenty of money making specials at 2 Million B.C slot machine, from free spins to special interactive games, you will often find your cash balance boosted.

As you spin the reels at 2 Million B.C slot machine you may find an acorn in place of 1 of the original symbols, each time this falls on the reels a giant bug will take the acorn and place it at the top of the reels. Once you have 3 stored acorns the caveman on the side of the reels will jump to the top of the 2 Million B.C slot machine reels as a sabre toothed tiger appears, click the tiger to throw an acorn and win an instant cash prize.

2 million bc slot machine features

At 2 Million B.C slot machine you will definitely want to keep an eye out for the Fire symbol, as gaining 3 or more of this symbol earns you a random number of Free Spins, while in Free Spins mode you can earn additional spins if 3 or more Fire symbols appear.

The caveman’s wife loves diamonds unfortunately from our friend the only way to get diamonds at 2 Million B.C  slot machine is to steal them from a sabre toothed tiger! 3 or more diamond symbols in succession start a second screen mini game where you help the caveman steal a diamond for great cash prizes.

2 Million B.C Slot Machine Game Play

I found 2 Million B.C to be an excellent fun slot machine, with a great selection of special features each spin here had an extra air of excitement; especially as you have 2 unique bonus games waiting for you  – both offering fantastic cash prizes.

As you would expect from a Betsoft Gaming powered slot machine 2 Million B.C look’s fabulous, from the intricate game symbols to the stunning background, and 3D characters that pop on your screen, you will not want to take your eyes of this prehistoric themed slot machine.


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