Beetle Frenzy Slot Machine Review

Beetle Frenzy Slot Machine Overview

If you are not a fan of creepy crawlies look away now as the Beetle Frenzy slot machine is a bug filled slot experience packed with weird and wonderful creatures and flora that are synonymous with Great British gardens come summertime, from brightly coloured Ladybirds to even brighter flowers; this slot machine really catches your eye.

Beetle Frenzy Slot

On first look Beetle Frenzy slot machine looks like a classic style one armed bandit (albeit very brightly coloured), as the board is a classic 3 columns and 3 rows – but with 5 win lines always on the go and special feature modes the game play here is just like playing a modern video slot machine.

As Beetle Frenzy slot machine always have 5 active lines on the go, you must multiple your stake by 5 to see your total bet, with the lowest coin value allowed being 10 pence that means the minimum stake Beetle Frenzy allows is 50 pence a spin; so bear that in mind if you are playing on a tight budget.

Beetle Frenzy Slot Machine Game Symbols

As Beetle Frenzy slot machine has a flora and fauna (of the 6 legged variety) themed game board , bug watchers will love the weird and wonderful game symbols which include stunning looking flowers, brightly coloured mushrooms, and of course the titular beetles.

the Ladybird symbol at Beetle Frenzy slot machine is unique as unlike the other symbols which require you to match 3 on a win line, gaining just 2 Ladybirds gain a cash bonus.

Beetle Frenzy slot machine is jam packed with special game symbols, matching 3 of these symbols on a win line starts a bonus game where you can win multiple bonus spins, and for those lucky enough to fill all nine spaces with a symbol a huge cash bonus awaits you; I fully recommend you check the detailed Beetle Frenzy pay table – which explains what prize is given for matching 3 symbols on this popular slot machine.

Beetle Frenzy Slot Machine Bonus Features / Games

Beetle Frenzy slot machine has a wide selection of special features from free spins, to scatter symbols, to lucky spins and free spins; you will often find yourself enjoying one of the many Beetle Frenzy money making modes.

Beetle Frenzy Slot

Free spins are activated at Beetle Frenzy slot machine by gaining 3 flower symbols of the same colour on a win line, or via matching 3 glass jar symbols on a win line – you are taken to a special bonus game where you win free spins. As with most modern slot machines Beetle Frenzy has its very own scatter symbol a shiny Golden Apple, depending on how many of these symbols appear on your game board you could win up to 400 times your stake.

Keep an eye out for the illusive Black Beetle symbol appearing on your board, as this special symbol is a Wild symbol and substitutes for any symbol; turning an unlucky spin at Beetle Frenzy slot machine to a winning spin.

Beetle Frenzy Slot Machine Game Play

While the theme of Beetle Frenzy slot machine may put some people off the machine itself is great fun to play, merging the classic 3 column slot machine with the high quality graphics and feature filled game play that modern video slot machines offer. The theme of Beetle Frenzy slot machine ensures a brightly coloured game board awaits you, and as Net Entertainment use only the latest in gaming graphics you really feel like you are bug watching on a classic summers day.

Where Beetle Frenzy stands out from the crowded online slot machine market is the huge selection of bonus games and feature modes, free spins, scatter wins, and Wild symbols are seemingly always on the go – ensuring every spin here could net you a surprise.

The reels spin very smoothly at Beetle Frenzy slot machine I played this machine extensively and never hit an error. The way the symbols bounce into place at beetle Frenzy is a joy to see and harked me back to playing a fruit machine in my local pub (minus the smell of stale cigarettes).

With bets ranging from 50p a spin to £25 a spin Beetle Frenzy is a slot machine that players of all type of budget can enjoy and with over 500 times your stake up for grabs a win here could be very profitable for you; so grab your magnifying glass and start bug watching today.

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