Blood Suckers Slot Machine Review

Blood Suckers Slot Machine Overview

They only come out at night but Blood Suckers is a vampire themed online slot machine that you can enjoy any time of day, all from the comfort of your own home – no cloves of garlic or holy water needed.

Blood Suckers Slot

With the Twilight films seemingly changing the perception of vampires to the public, Blood Suckers slot machine harks back to the more classic vampires – including the creepy twisted Nosferatu and the blood curdling bride of Dracula. Blood Suckers slot machine like all slots owned and operated by the mighty Net Entertainment use the very latest in gaming graphics, making the vampires of folklore jump out into your computer screen. Blood Suckers is a 5 reel 3 row slot machine which lets you choose from 1 to 25 win lines, the reels can be spun from as little as 1 penny ensuring those on a tight budget are welcome to play. Blood Suckers slot machine is very easy to navigate, all areas are very clearly marked so even if you are new to online slot machines you will be spinning the reels like a pro in no time at all. So grab your wooden stakes and prepare to go on a chilling vampire hunt with the excellent Blood Suckers slot machine.


Blood Suckers Slot Machine Game Symbols

Unlike the vast majority of online slot machines the Blood Suckers does not use the traditional playing card faces symbols, ensuring every game symbol here is Vampire related – making this slot machine really feel unique. The main money symbols at Blood Suckers slot machine consist of popular vampires Dracula, Dorian Gray, Nosferatu, and a Succubus, while weapons of the vampire hunter Van Helsing make up the other money symbols Garlic, Crossbow, Bible, and Holy Water.

You will also find a special symbols that you will want to keep an eye out for at Blood Suckers slot machine, the Bride of Dracula, the Vampire Bite, and the dreaded Wooden Stake; these symbols unlock special bonus features which could earn you bundles of cash.

Blood Suckers Slot Machine Bonus Features / Games

Blood Suckers slot machine has its very own unique bonus game, gaining 3 or more Wooden Stake symbols in succession from left to right will take you to the vampires sleeping chamber where 12 coffins await you – you select coffins one at a time earning cash for each one with a vampire inside; the bonus game ends once you select a coffin without a vampire hiding inside. Free spins are earned on the Blood Suckers slot machine when 3 or more Bride of Dracula scatter symbols appear on your game board, you not only get 10 FREE auto spins but any winnings are tripled for the duration of the free spins – these spins can give you a massive cash boost.

Of course Blood Suckers like most modern video slots also has its very own wild symbol, you won’t miss the wild symbol here as it displays on animation of a vampire biting a victims neck (and it also has the word wild spelt out in large letters). The wild symbol substitutes for all normal symbols but cannot be used to replace the Blood Suckers slot machine bonus or scatter symbol.

Blood Suckers Slot Machine Game Play

With its very in vogue subject matter Blood Suckers slot machine is a very popular slot machine, and with its excellent array of bonus features and high quality graphics you can easily see why players from all over the world are flocking to play this Net Entertainment slot machine. The artwork used in Blood Suckers slot machine is some of the best I have encountered, really brining the mythical vampires to life – you feel with each spin that the characters are going to jump out at you.

Blood Suckers Slot

Blood Suckers slot machine is a 25 win line slot machine that puts you in complete control, you decide how many lines you want active, how many coins you want to spend from 1 penny to 50 pence (please note that number must be multiplied by the amount of lines in play to see your total bet), and you are even in control of the unique Blood Suckers slot machine bonus game.

whether you are a fan of vampires or not as long as you enjoy the thrill of spinning the reels you will love playing at Blood Suckers slot machine, with its huge prizes up for grabs, special interactive bonus game, and excellent artwork ensuring a high quality gaming experience is guaranteed.

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