Boom Brothers Slot Machine Review

Boom Brothers Slot Machine Overview

Net Entertainment are a huge name in the world of online slot machines, and have further enhanced their reputation thanks to their special platinum series of slot machines which offer the latest 3D graphics and packed with both grand and subtle animations – Boom Brothers was the second platinum slot machine released by Net Entertainment and takes players on a wild journey.

Boom Brothers Slot

Join the three crazy dwarf Boom Brothers in their explosive mine in a quest to find vast fortunes hidden under the earth, and as this is a slot machine you can win yourself bundles of cash as you help the brothers by spinning the reels.

Interactive bonus games await you at the Boom Brothers mine, where almost every action has its very own unique animation, making sure this is  a high quality slot machine experience that fans of spinning the reels will never want to stop, and with spins costing as little as 1 penny the fun doesn’t have to stop no matter your budget.

Boom Brothers is a 20 pay line slot machine where you must match 3 or more symbols on a line to win, the reel spin graphic is excellent as each reel moves on a chain pulley which further adds to the mine them of Boom Brothers slot machine. So for an explosive slot machine experience (complete with dynamite) head on over to Boom Brothers today – just make sure you wear your hard hat!

Boom Brothers Slot Machine Game Symbols

The Boom Brothers slot machine game symbols are very striking, the look like they have been smelted and forged out of precious metals – featuring each of the 3 Boom Brothers, and a variety of their tools including a Hard Hat, Lantern, and Pick Axe; each symbol at this slot machine is easily distinguishable so in no time at all you will know what prize equates to each symbol.

You will also find special symbols at Boom Brothers slot machine these symbols unlock special games and features, and are fully explained in the detailed pay table – which also lets you know what prize is given for matching 3, 4, and 5 cash symbols.

Boom Brothers Slot Machine Bonus Games / Features

The main selling point of Boom Brothers slot machine is the excellent interactive bonus which is automatically activated by gaining 5 Railroad symbols on a win line, if you gain 3, or 4 Railroad symbols you are given a chance to enter the bonus round by spinning the remaining reels. The bonus game consists of the three Boom Brothers all sitting in mining carts, you must open treasure chests to move the Boom Brother towards his riches winning fantastic cash prizes for you.

Boom Brothers Slot

Boom Brothers slot machine also has special Wild and Free Spin symbols, the Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols while gaining 3 or more Free Spin symbols starts the free spin mode where all winnings are multiplied by 3.

The Boom Brothers themselves will sometimes show up on a losing spin, using their own unique way to turn a losing slot machine spin into a winning one.

Boom Brothers Slot Machine Game Play

Boom Brothers is a fantastic looking online slot machine, which offers a fully immersive games experience packed with high quality animations, state of the art gaming graphics, and interactive features; once you  enter this explosively filled Dwarven mine you will never want to leave.

From the unique chain pulley reels which hoist the expertly created game symbols onto your computer screen, to the large selection of bonus features and fast loading times, Boom Brothers really is a special slot machine.

If you are familiar with Net Entertainment slot machines you will feel right at home playing Boom Brothers as the buttons are in their familiar positions, while those new to slot machines will not feel lost as each button is clearly marked; and the handy pay table explains all the rules ensuring you never spin blind here.

The Boom Brothers  slot machine Dwarven mine theme is very unique and may not instantly sound appealing to most slot fans, but the mythical world has been expertly created thanks to the very latest in game graphics and the helpful 3 Boom Brothers add character – you will often find yourself waiting for their next crazy antics thanks to the surprise animations.

If you are looking for unique themed slot machine look no further than the Boom Brothers, head on down to their mine and blast your way to a small fortune.

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