Crime Scene Slot Machine Review

Crime Scene Slot Machine Overview

With the massive popularity of crime investigation television shows, Crime Scene slot machine puts you directly into the shoes of a police forensic investigator – can sort through the clues, examine the evidence, and match the fingerprints to crack the case and earn yourself a tidy cash prize.

Crime Scene Slot

Crime Scene slot machine is a 5 reel modern video slot, which sticks very closely to its police forensics theme you will find high tech equipment and a host of evidence to sort through as you aim to win up to 22500 coins.

The Crime Scene slot machine layout will look very familiar to people who have played one of the many Net Entertainment slot machines, you can select your coin value which ranges from 1 penny to £1.00, select from  1 to 10 bet levels, and spin the reels via the large green button. Crime Scene slot machine is a 15 pay line online video slot machine, all lines are active meaning you must multiply your coin value by your bet level to see your total bet – giving you a minimum 15 pence and maximum £150 spent on each spin.

Crime Scene Slot Machine Game Symbols

The standard win symbols at Crime Scene slot machine are the traditional royal flush symbols 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace; to net a win you must match 3 or more symbols in succession from left to right – the more symbols you match the bigger your prize.

The big money though is to be found when matching the special Crime Scene related win symbols; Gun, Forensic Investigator Briefcase, UV Goggles, and a Bloody Footprint.

Crime Scene slot machine has an extensive pay table which you can click at any time, the pay table not only shows you where each win line covers but more importantly lets you know what cash prizes 3, 4, and 5 matching symbols net you – even if you are a seasoned slot machine professional I recommend you check the pay table out before you spin the reels.

Crime Scene Slot Machine Bonus Features / Games

Crime Scene slot machine uses the excellent sticky wild special symbol which is portrayed by a police badge, like normal wild symbols when a Crime Scene slot machine sticky wild appears on the board it substitutes itself for any cash symbol – where the sticky wild differs is it also has a number attached to it, that number is the amount of spins that the wild will stay in place giving you multiple chances to use this very special symbol.

Crime Scene Slot

The bonus game at Crime Scene  slot machine is accessed by gaining 3 or more Hand Print symbols on a win line, you are transported to the crime lab, where 30 folders of evidence await you, you must cluck each folder one by one picking up cash as you the aim is to find 4 fingerprints to catch the killer and win the large cash prize. If you find a red X behind one of the folders at Crime Scene slot machine the game ends, but fear not as you have one more chance to get back into the game by choosing from 1 of 4 final folders.

Crime Scene Slot Machine Game Play

Crime Scene is an interesting online slot machine, offering players a glimpse into the world of Crime Scene Investigation without having to leave the comfort of their own home – the theme is well represented with a cordoned off background and 5 game symbols that you would expect to see on popular crime investigation TV shows. While Crime Scene slot machine uses a theme that has multiple possibilities I was a little disappointed to see half the cash symbols are the bog standard royal flush card symbols but that is just a minor gripe.

The Crime Scene slot machine bonus game is really fun to play, you really feel like you are sorting through evidence files while your cash balance grows. Unlike a lot of online slot machines Crime Scene gives you the chance to return back to the bonus game as you left it, which is a massive bonus – especially as the machine jackpot is won only in the bonus game.

If you are a fan of television crime shows you will love playing Crime Scene slot machine, just remember to put on your shades and crank The Who up loud while playing to get the full experience.

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